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Electric motors are a necessary component in many machines and devices.They are used to create rotational or linear motion, which is then converted into useful work.There are many different types of electric motors, and they are manufactured by a variety of companies.In the field of industrial motor



Detailed knowledge of fan basics

The fan is a mechanical machine that relies on the input mechanical energy to raise the gas pressure and discharges the gas, and the fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery. Uses of fans:1、To deliver (/exhaust) air to the building and replace the polluted air in the room with clean air.2、plosion-pr



How to choose a fan?

In the fan application, the correct selection of the fan is essential, it requires us to use some basic knowledge of simple, fast and accurate selection to meet the conditions of use of the fan. Fan selection, in addition to meeting the requirements of its flow, wind pressure, but also to ensure tha



Working principle of high-powered smoke exhaust fan

High-power smoke exhaust fans are usually used in smoke exhaust systems in industrial and commercial buildings, and their power is generally above 5KW, with high exhaust air volume and pressure, which can be used to remove large amounts of smoke, dust, pollutants and other harmful gases. High power



What is the difference between EC fan and AC fan in the field of green energy applications and prospects?

Edited by: jasonContent Source: www.belmont-tech.comRelease Time 2023/4/13 First, EC fans are electronically regulated fans that use a DC power supply and offer higher efficiency, wider speed range, lower noise and longer service life than conventional AC fans. As a result, EC fans are increasi



Focus on Hannover Messe - Belmonte brings you world-class industrial solutions on April 17

Hannover Messe, Belmont International Trading is proud to announce that the company will be invited to participate in the Hannover Messe in April 2023. The fair is one of the largest industrial technology fairs in the world, bringing together leading manufacturers, innovative companies and technology suppliers from around the world.



Different application scenarios for EC fans? What are the advantages?

EC fan is an electronic frequency-controlled fan, whose working principle is to control the motor speed through a frequency converter so as to adjust the air volume and air pressure. EC fan has a high control accuracy and can achieve precise air volume adjustment, which is suitable for applications



How are the types of wind power divided? Difference between backward tilting centrifugal fans and forward tilting centrifugal fans

They can be divided into 3 categories according to the input power and control signal, AC, EC, DCAC means AC fan - Alternating CurrentEC means Electronically Commutation fan - Electrical Commutation (also belongs to DC fan)DC means direct current fan - Direct Current Generally speaking, the number o



The structure and operation process of the fan

Edited by: jasonContent Source: www.belmont-tech.comRelease Time 2023/4/3 Fans are a common type of fluid machinery used to transport, ventilate, pressurize or discharge gases or vapors. The following is a detailed description of the structure and operating process of fans:First, the st



What is the difference between DC Motor and AC Motor in application areas?

A DC motor is a type of electric motor characterized by the conversion of DC electrical energy into mechanical energy. It has applications in many fields, such asIndustrial: DC motors are often used in applications requiring high torque and low speed, such as starting and driving heavy-duty equipmen

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