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BMC-SC01 Motor Dual Driver Speed Controller

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This product is used in electric wireless remote control four-wheeled scooter.

1. Four gear positions: 1. low speed; 2. medium speed; 3. high speed; 4. player mode.

2. EBS electronic brakes (the battery will be charged when the brakes slide downhill).

3. One button forward/reverse direction.

4. Wireless 2.4G remote control transmission control. 20 frequency points. Automatic frequency hopping anti-collision.

5. Rated voltage: 24v/36v and 6S.7S.10S.12S battery pack can be selected.

6. Rated current: small fish plate single drive 8A, wheel double drive single side motor 12A, belt single side motor 16A

7. Peak current up to 80A

8. Controller characteristics: low speed and high torque

9. Maximum speed: 3000 rpm of the hub motor (sinusoidal), belt motor 7500 rpm (square wave).

10. One-button switch machine. Press and hold for 10 seconds to enter the state of the paired remote control (refer to the 20th top). The LED work indicator is connected to the remote control status indicator (the connection is successfully flashing, the connection is not successful).

11. Hub motor / RC motor / no sense or with sense to choose (control board common) /

12. Control method: sine wave / square

13. With motor: hub motor 70.83.90. Motor 80KV / RC motor 270KV below the effect is better.

14. Three-mode control, four-wheel brushless controller integrated.

The first mode: Hall sine wave (automatic learning motor)

The second mode: no Hall square wave (compatible with 99% motor on the market including non-inductive mode motor)

The third mode: Hall sine wave fault repair mode (when the motor 3 Halls are broken, the program will check and repair the fault Hall after the program is checked. If the motor 2 Hall is broken, the program will automatically switch to No Hall square wave mode)

15. The program has a Hall repair. Hall broke a normal operation / ZE string wave, does not affect normal use.

16. Motor line short circuit protection. Motor line off protection / stall protection / maximum peak current protection / battery under voltage protection / over current / over voltage / overload limit current protection.

17. Product Size:
Mini double drive 68mm*80mm
Universal double drive 104mm*80mm
Mini single drive 66mm*50mm
Universal single drive 82*61mm
All heights 15mm

18. Under-piezoelectric buzzer alarm: a total of four alarm sounds, (drop a 40% power) (drip two 30% power) (drip three sound 20%) (drip four sounds 10% Power) After four drops, it will enter undervoltage protection, effectively protecting the battery from over-discharge and damaging the battery. The same is true for the remote control low voltage alarm.

19. Remote control matching instructions: When the host is powered on, press the matching remote control button on the main board (the button is next to the buzzer) or press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. When the long red LED flashes, the host is waiting for the remote pairing. When you press the remote control hidden button (next to the remote control switch), the LED light of the main board and the LED of the remote control will flash at the same time, and the remote control matches successfully.

20. Zero power standby: 10 minutes into standby. Standby power consumption is zero

21. No button slide automatic switch machine:

1. After playing skateboarding, we don't have to squat down and press the scooter shutdown button. The scooter will shut itself down in 10 minutes, the power consumption of the shutdown is 0, and the standby power consumption is 0 when not powered on.

2, every time we skate again, we don't have to squat down and press the scooter power button. We use our feet to gently slap a scooter. The scooter will automatically turn on. Wait for our remote control command after booting. Command, the main board is not to drive or interfere with the motor sliding, so that the motor is in the unpowered skateboard mode.

3. If we have no power on the skateboard, we will still turn on the scooter, unless the battery protection board is protected and there is no electricity output. After the scooter is turned on, there will be no impact on the user to use the power scooter as an unpowered taxi. The motherboard will have a low battery alarm sound, and the motherboard will not drive or interfere with the motor taxi when it is not connected to the remote control. (Benefits: The scooter is long, and there will be a lot of mud or dirty at the bottom of the scooter. This is the advantage of automatically starting the boot. If you want to play, you can save the boot time.)

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