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Top 5 Electric Motor Manufacturers in the World 2023

Views: 55     Author: belmont     Publish Time: 2023-05-16      Origin: https://www.belmont-tech.com/


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Electric motors are a necessary component in many machines and devices.

They are used to create rotational or linear motion, which is then converted into useful work.

There are many different types of electric motors, and they are manufactured by a variety of companies.

In the field of industrial motors, the market is highly competitive, and many industrial motor majors have laid out the global market with their strong strengths.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best electric motor manufacturers in the world!


table of content

1 Siemens



4 Nidec

5 Rockwell


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From building technology and automation equipment for manufacturers and construction companies, to imaging and diagnostic systems for hospitals, and electric motors for industrial and mobile purposes, Siemens seems to be everywhere.


Since its founding more than 150 years ago, Siemens has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric motors.


In 1848, the company built Europe’s first long-distance telegraph line, spanning 500 kilometers from Berlin to Frankfurt.

In 1850, the founder’s brother, Carl Wilhelm Siemens, opened a representative office in London.

In the 1850s, the company was involved in the construction of the Russian long-distance telegraph network.

In 1855, Carl Heinrich von Siemens, another brother of the founder, established a new branch in St. Petersburg.


The company continued to grow and became involved in electrical trains and light bulbs. 1890, the founder retired, leaving the company to his brother Carl Heinrich and two sons Arnold von Siemens and Georg Wilhelm von Siemens. 1897, Siemens and Halske ( In 1897, Siemens and Halske jointly founded the company S&H.


In 1919, S&H and two other companies jointly founded the Osram Lightbulb Company.

In 1923, a Japanese branch was established.


Since its entry into China in 1872, Siemens has persistently supported the development of China with innovative technologies, superior solutions and products for more than 140 years, and has established its leading position in the Chinese market with outstanding quality and trustworthy reliability, leading technical achievements, and relentless pursuit of innovation.


Products & Services from Siemens

Industrial Automation

The industrial sector is at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Automation is followed by the digitalization of production. The goal is an increase in productivity, efficiency, speed and quality, enabling companies to gain higher competitiveness on the road to the industrial future.


The comprehensive product portfolio of Siemens in the field of automation technology and digitization of production is offered here.


Building Technology

The Siemens Building Technologies Group offers energy-efficient and safe solutions for buildings and infrastructure.


Drive technology

Siemens’ comprehensive and reliable portfolio of frequency converters, motors, couplings and gearboxes for almost all industries and applications meets the highest performance standards and quality requirements.


New interfaces and modules ensure that drive components are ready for digitalization.

Components are available as standard systems and as customized solutions to meet individual requirements.



Applications from the Siemens portfolio span from the design, financing and construction of advanced smart grid and distribution systems to operations and maintenance.



Development and manufacturing of medical devices, such as CT computed tomography, angiography equipment and digital mammography instruments.



With Siemens’ long-standing and reliable transportation expertise and IT know-how, we are constantly developing new intelligent transportation solutions to increase infrastructure availability, optimize capacity and improve passenger experience.


Through our solutions for electrification, automation and digitization.

Financial Services

Financing solutions for energy, industrial production, healthcare, infrastructure construction or urban development.


Personal and household products

Development and manufacture of hearing aid products, home appliances and home electrics, etc.



Siemens will provide unique services and support based on a wide range of technical and industrial expertise.




Toshiba Industrial Machine Systems is a world-leading diversified manufacturer and solution provider. Founded in 1875, the Toshiba Group is committed to striving for a better tomorrow for people and the planet, striving to become a corporate group that can create rich value and contribute to the lives and cultures of all people, Toshiba Group’s business areas include digital products, electronic components, social infrastructure equipment, and home appliances.


The company entered the electric motor industry in 1970 and has since developed an outstanding tradition of manufacturing some of the most reliable and powerful motors in the global market.


The company offers a wide range of low and medium voltage motors that set new standards in extreme operating performance and durability.


Proud of its more than a century of manufacturing history and extensive practical experience, Toshiba Electric – from design and manufacturing to testing and shipping – has consistently maintained a policy of putting quality first. At the same time, Toshiba has actively constructed a production system that meets the diverse needs of customers while significantly reducing lead times.


Features of Toshiba motors

Common international standards

High reliability and long life

High energy efficiency and low cost

Low vibration, low noise

High load, high strength

Toshiba Motor Types


General-purpose low-voltage motors (World Energy)

High efficiency motor (Gold Motor), squirrel cage motor with high torque , low speed

High-speed Motor (Hi-Speed Motor)

Permanent Magnet Motor (PM Motor) in the fild magnet , electrical energy into mechanical by low speeds

Explosion-Proof Motor (Explosion-Proof Motor)

Toshiba Motor Specifications


IP55,IP44 (fully enclosed external fan type)

2-pole, 4-pole., single phase motor , three phase motor

380/415V-50Hz, 400V-50/60Hz, 440V-60Hz.

0.37-45kW , single phase motor , three phase motor

IP55,IP44 (fully enclosed external fan type)

6-pole. three phase motor

380V-50Hz, 0.4-45kW

IP22 (drip-proof type)

2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole.

380V-50Hz, 0.75-45kW


3、 ABB


Continuing a history of technological innovation spanning more than 130 years, the ABB Group has become a world leader in electrification products, industrial automation and power grids, robotics and motion.


It serves customers in utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure worldwide.


ABB motor,) is an electromagnetic device that achieves the conversion or transmission of electrical energy based on the laws of electromagnetic induction.


An electric motor, denoted by the letter “M” (old standard “D”) in the circuit. ABB motors are divided into low-voltage motors, high-voltage motors, synchronous motors, DC motors and other types.


Low voltage motors

M2QA standard three asynchronous motors

Designed for general industrial applications, they are ideal for supporting manufacturers (OEM).

Classified as follows.

M2QA series standard three-phase asynchronous motors

QABP series inverter speed control three-phase asynchronous motors

M2QA/M2QA-H Series Marine Three-phase Asynchronous Motors

M2JA series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motors for hazardous environments

M2SV series flue three-phase asynchronous motors

M2QA/QAD series variable-pole multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motors

SL series train series three-phase asynchronous motors for air conditioning

M2GP flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor

MQAEJ/QAEJ electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor

M2QA-W outdoor type three-phase asynchronous motor

QA Series General Three-phase Asynchronous Motors

M3BP low voltage high performance process use motor

High Voltage Motors


The wide family of high voltage induction motors includes the following motor families: self-fan-cooled cast iron motors, modular design welded chassis motors with different cooling requirements and modular design slip ring motors.


Each motor is individually designed to suit the specific application and requirements. Electrical power, speed control, load torque, and voltage control are top-notch。


Synchronous motors

ABB offers a wide range of synchronous motors and has extensive knowledge of the requirements of almost all industries, applications and environmental conditions through its experience with all electric motors installed and in use worldwide.


DC motors

ABB offers a wide range of DC motors for almost all applications. The DC electric motors are designed for the highest performance, reliability and quality.




Nidec is a leading Japanese manufacturer of electric motors and control equipment for industrial, household appliances and consumer products. Completed the previously announced acquisition of the power generation, motors and drives business of Emerson Electric Co.


The acquired companies have a solid business foundation, strong brands and a good customer base, primarily in the North United States and Europe. In addition, the company agreed to establish a joint venture with French automaker PSA Group and invest $261 million to produce motors in France for global and domestic sales with NIDEC.


(NIDEC CORPORATION), founded in 1973, is a Japanese publicly traded group company in the electrical and electronics industry.


Its business is the manufacture and sale of precision small motors, medium motors, machine devices, electronic and optical components and other products. With a capital of 66,551.22 million 0,790 yen (approximately 5,384 million yuan), more than 96,000 employees, and 140 group companies-. Listed in Tokyo Osaka, Japan and New York, USA.


Company Products


The company’s products are mainly various brushless DC motors. Such as HDD spindle motor for hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive motor, external rotor DC brushless motor, internal rotor DC brushless motor, DC fan, etc.


The brand name of the company is “Nidec”. They are mainly used in the IT hardware, office equipment, communication equipment and automobile industries.


Business Scope


Our main products are ultra-precision motors, brushless DC motors, axial fans, and spindle motors for hard disk drives, which account for more than 70% of the world market, and our brushless DC motors, which occupy the top position in the global market.




Rockwell Automation was founded in 1903 with an investment of $1,000. Since then, the American industrial automation provider has proven to be a success story, becoming one of the global leaders in automation technology. Over the past decade, its investments in globalization and technology have enabled it to expand its target market to more than $90 billion.


It operates in the industrial automation, avionics and communications, and e-commerce industries. Rockwell employs 48,000 people worldwide and has annual revenue of approximately $7 billion, 35 percent of which comes from outside the United States.


Rockwell has a portfolio of well-known brands such as Allen-Bradley (A-B), Reliance Electric, Dodge, Rockwell Collins and others. General Motors, Ford, Boeing, BMW, Compaq, Kodak, Coca-Cola, Nestle and other internationally renowned companies are our major customers.




-AB Micro Logix 1500 programmable controller

-AB Power Flex 7000 medium voltage inverter

-AB Power Flex 6000 medium voltage inverter

-AB PowerFlex4 AC drives

-AB PowerFlex 700 AC drives

-AB ProcessLogix process control systems

-AB Device Net network

-AB Intelligent Motor Controllers

-AB Control Net network (Control Net) network

-Rockwell Automation -AB 1336 IMPACT Frequency Converters

-Rockwell Automation -AB 1336 PLUS II Frequency Converters

-Rockwell Automation – AB Bulletin 1560D/1562D Medium Voltage Intelligent Motor Controllers

-Rockwell Automation – AB Control Logix Control Systems

-Rockwell Automation – AB FLEX I/O

-Rockwell Automation -AB Micro Logix 1200 System

-Rockwell Automation H-Series Motors

-Rockwell Automation Kinetix 6000 Multi-Axis Servo Drives

-Rockwell PM3000 and PM II Power Monitors

-ROCKWELL RS View32 Human Machine Interface Software

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix 1394 AC Servo Drives

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix 8720MC High Performance Drive

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix MP Series Low Inertia Servo Motors

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix MP Series Integrated Gearbox Motors

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix Ultra3000 Fully Digital Servo Drives

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix Ultra5000 Intelligent Servo Drives

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix Servo Motor 1326AB

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix Servo Motor 1326AH

-ROCKWELL-Kinetix Servo Motor 1326AS