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Growing Demand for Geared Motors for Agriculture and Forestry to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2025

Views: 254     Author: Tanuj     Publish Time: 2019-05-05      Origin: New Daily Herald


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Growing Demand for Geared Motors for Agriculture and Forestry to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2025

Geared motors refer to those motors which comprise of mechanical gears to control the speed/torque of the motor depending upon the type of application and requirements. A geared motor can run on alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Agriculture industry uses gear motors for applications such as harvesting, weed control, seed spreading and irrigation. Forest department primarily deploys geared motors for producing lumber. The rising demand for wooden products across the globe is supporting the growth of the lumber market. As a result, the demand for geared motors in timber industry is expected to rise over the coming years. Moreover, the geared motor market for forestry is dominated by the largest timber producing countries such as the U.S., India, China, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

Geared motors used in agriculture and forest industries are classified on the basis of type of gear boxes such as bevel gear box, helical gear box, offset gear box, planetary gear box, right angle gear box, sequential gear box, shaft mounted gear box, and worm reduction gear box. The bevel gear boxes are further classified as spiral bevel gear box and worm bevel gear box. The mounting of gear box also plays an important role for proper functioning of the geared motors. Moreover, the mounting of gear boxes is dependent on the type of application. Generally, line mounted gear box and shaft mounted gear boxes are preferred for agriculture and forest applications.

Geared motors market for agriculture is driven by the rising demand for automation in countries such as India, China, U.S., Brazil and China. These countries are among the largest producers of fruits, vegetable, spices and nuts among others. The government support for encouraging agriculture and rising investments in the overall food and beverage industry are the factors propelling the growth of automatic machines across the agriculture and forestry industry. Thus, the demand for geared motors used in these machines is increasing across the globe. However, the lack of technically sound farmers is a potential challenge for the growth of geared motor based machinery. Conversely, increasing awareness among the farmers is expected to overcome the challenge in the coming years. The market for geared motors has potential growth opportunities in the emerging countries whose GDP is widely contributed by the agriculture or timber industry. Moreover, investing in research and development for manufacturing cost effective solutions in geared motors market is expected to open more opportunities for geared motors market.

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Global geared motors for agriculture and forestry market is highly competitive in nature. Maxon Motor AG, Siemens AG, Radicon. (Elecon Group Company), Framo Morat Group, Portescap Inc., Varvel SpA, Leroy Somer, WEG S.A., Bauer Gear Motor, Bison Group, Johnson Electric, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, SEW-Eurodrive, and BFT Automation UK Ltd., among others, are some of the major players in global geared motors market. The gear motor market has a wide range of applications segment; thus, the demand for geared motors is high across the industries. Some companies such as Maxon Motor AG and Emerson Elecric Co. design geared motors especially for irrigation applications and timber producing whereas others design the geared motors for various other applications.